You don’t want bull site, you want a good website.

Who owns your brand?

On the internet your brand is represented by the content on your website (writing and images), your domain name and your website itself. Of course you own it, or do you?

Your website

Well it’s obvious, you own your website…….Or do you? Let’s break the site down into its name, the hosting (where its stored) and the content, images and design of the site (intellectual property).

This seems crazy to people who aren’t in the know. Technically the web designer owns the intellectual property rights to the design of your website, unless they give you those rights. You need to own all your digital assets, including the IP of your website. It’s quite easy, I sign the IP to you when you’ve made the final payment. You should own your digital assets.

I hope you own the words you’ve written, but do check you have the right to any images you’re using. They often need to be purchased from an image provider, you can’t just “borrow” images from the internet.

Your hosting

One of the invisible, critical, elements of your website is where it’s stored on the internet (hosting). A good host gives fast access for your visitors, is easy to for you to use and delivers the service you need. Some hosts are slower, more complex and charge you for things you didn’t expect.

Most important: you need to own your hosting, not your web developer!

I’ll select a web host for you, set up your hosting account and give you all the details afterwards so you own your assets. That’s No Bull site. If you want to use a specific host, that’s OK too, just let me know.

Your domain name

Another (almost) invisible part of your digital assets is the domain name. In English, your website’s address (e.g. It needs to mean something to your audience, be easy to type, and most importantly you need to own it. It’s quite common for a web developer to set it up for you, with your website name in their account, so they own it. That’s OK…until you want to move the site elsewhere, or add other services to the domain name; then you’re unable to do it without always going back to your original developer. I’ve seen countless business owners get stuck with this problem.

I’ll set up your domain name, in your name and hand the account to you, so you own your assets. That’s No Bull site.