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What is a highlight page?

A highlight page highlights something special about your offering, your clients or you. It is normally used on the home page, but could be to sell a particular service, or go into detail on any element of your business.

The highlight page will have a mixture of text, images and possibly icons. It will grab attention and look even better than all the other pages! The different images and icons will often lead to more detail on other pages, or open up with more detail on the same page. There’s often a bold statement to head the page.

The following are examples of highlight pages, click on them to see the full sized version (along with the rest of the page, as the image only shows part of it).

Higrade films

A lovely home page for this site, with a big bold image showcasing the videographer in action and his results. Scrolling further down the page highlights many more items of his work, as video (naturally).

Swanage Folk Festival

A big, bold image to start the viewers journey on this highlight page. If you go to the live page (just click the image) you can scroll down for more big bold images showing the festival going on and giving more detail about how you can join in. Note the use of call to action buttons to engage the users.

ANG Creative Design

A bold front page which looks especially good on the mobile site, with very clear logo at the top and more details further down.

It’s then very clear who the target audience are and what this agency specialises in, before you scroll down to see more about the firm.

There’s an extra detail on this page which is not included in the price, where the logo draws itself when you first visit the page.

Artist Cars

Two examples of highlight pages from the same website. Each case includes a powerful image of the service and a call to action so the visitor can immediately do something (normally call or signup).

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