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What is a feature page?

A feature page stands out from standard pages, with extra imagery, icons, special text blocks or some special functions. They’re great for featuring, or explaining, different elements of your offering.

You might choose to have more than one feature page, but each will focus the readers attention on something important to you. The following are examples of feature pages, click on them to see the full sized version (along with the rest of the page, as the image only shows part of it).

Yoga Lorraine

This feature page has simple, but very clear, sections for each different yoga class. It helps them stand out from each other in a way that would be hard using plain text.

The Design Angel

The Design Angel makes a feature of the bespoke Christmas cards they offer with text and images. They’re also using a sidebar to attract attention to encourage people to sign up to their mailing list. It can work well on some sites, but takes extra set up time.

Introvert In Business

Two different feature pages. The first mainly text, with a special function as the table of contents allows readers people to go straight to the part of the page they’re most interested in.

The second draws focus to different parts of the offer, breaking up what could otherwise be long boring text. Clicking on the feature elements does, of course, send the user to a page all about that part of the offer.

Celebrant Essex

Testimonials are always worth adding into your website, giving your comments “social proof”. There are a couple of ways to do this (or both on the same site). This is an example of a page of testimonials, the other method being to put a one or two on each relevant page.

As they’re giving social proof, it’s better to include a name and an image of the person; which makes it feel “more real”. The coloured design feature, in line with the site’s colours make it stand out more.

Higrade films

Another way to break up a potentially boring page of text is to show images and a few words about each. The user can then select what they need to read and you can get your whole message across. In this case the extra detail is given as video, as it’s a site about films!

Swanage Folk Festival

Three examples of feature pages from the same website and each is related to the other. The first shows what’s going on over the weekend, clicking on any individual part of it sends the viewer to get more detail (in this case about workshops). A clever feature here is how the relevant colour subtly goes follows through. The final page gives more informaiton about specific workshops, again with a linked colour.

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