You don’t want bull site, you want a good website.

How much?

Your standard website can have all / any of, the following points in it for one fixed price. If there’s extra items your want, let’s discuss them. I will either give you a price and include them in the total for the site or charge them at at a sensible hourly rate. There are examples of customisation’s at the bottom of the page.

Click on any smiley face for more information about that item.

Up to 4 standard pages

A standard page is mainly text, might include an image, and will on the standard layout we’ve agreed. Standard pages are good for explaining, discussing, informing, pretty much anything really. Blogs are another example of standard pages. Scroll down for examples of standard pages and click on them to see the whole page.

Click here for more about standard pages

One example of a standard page.


Standard page with an image (and a different menu)


Standard page, on a mobile, with a clear image

One feature page.

A feature page makes something stand out from standard pages. Maybe extra images, icons or special text blocks. They’re great for featuring, or explaining, different elements of your offering.

You might choose to have more than one feature page, each will focus the readers attention.  Here’s a few examples, click on them to see the whole page, what will you focus your clients on?

Click here for more about feature pages

This feature page has sections for each different yoga class.

Features the different events over a special weekend.

Draws the attention to different elements of the offer, then gives information on them.

Set up your hosting for you.

One of the invisible, critical, elements of your website is where it’s stored on the internet (hosting). A good host gives fast access for your visitors, is easy to for you to use and delivers the service you need. Some hosts are slower, more complex and charge you for things you didn’t expect.

Most important: you need to own your hosting, not your web developer! To find out why, click here.

I’ll select a web host for you, set up your hosting account and give you all the details afterwards so you own your assets. That’s No Bull site.

Click here for more about your digital assets

The IP rights to your site.

This one seems crazy to people who aren’t in the know. Technically the designer owns the intellectual property rights to the design of your website, unless they give you those rights. You need to own all your digital assets, including the IP of your website. It’s quite easy, I sign the IP to you when you’ve made the final payment. You should own your digital assets.

Click here for more about owning your digital assets

A couple of amendments

I get it, you wrote the text, thought about the layout, and when you first saw them they were exactly as you wanted…… except you want to change your mind. It can be hard to “see” what the site will look like until it’s built.  If you’ve got a couple of amendments to text, that’s OK and included in the price.

If you want to change the original brief (what pages, types of pages etc), I may charge extra, but at a fixed hourly rate of £50 and I’ll tell you upfront how long those changes will take.

With good planning up front, you’ll only want a couple of small changes – which are included in the price.

Google analytics

Google analytics is a free tool provided by Google. This tool can give you important information about your site, once it’s up and running. You may not be ready to use it for some time; but I’ll set it up so the information will there once you’re ready.

What you have to do!

You’ll need to

  • think about what’s going into your website,
  • pay 50% up front
  • give me the words in a word document,
  • provide any special images (you, your trade, your clients etc)
  • stick to your deadlines in the project plan
  • agree the site is OK at each of the development deadlines (or let me know what needs amending)
  • pay the remainder of the bill once you’re happy the site is what you wanted
  • love the site when it’s done!

One highlight page

A highlight page will do just that, highlight something (or you). Highlight pages are normally the home page, but could be selling a particular service, or going into detail on any element of your business.

The highlight page will have a mixture of text, images and icons. It will grab attention and look even better than all the other pages! Here’s a few examples, click on them to see the whole page, what will you highlight for your clients?

Click here for more about highlight pages

Highlight page, bold image with mail signup and further information images.

Bold image showing off what the site’s all about and clear text to head the page.

Bold image the service in use and a call to action button to start the page.

One contact page

Incredible as it may seem some websites make it really hard for you to get in touch! I recommend you make it easy for people to get in touch and perhaps show a little personality on the contact page.

A contact page which shows personality.

Set up your domain name for you.

Another (almost) invisible part of your digital assets is the domain name. In English, your website’s address (e.g. It needs to mean something to your audience, be easy to type, and most importantly you need to own it. It’s quite common for a web developer to set it up for you, with your website name in their account, so they own it. That’s OK…until you want to move the site elsewhere, or add other services to the domain name; then you’re unable to do it without always going back to your original developer. I’ve seen countless business owners get stuck with this problem.

I’ll set up your domain name, in your name and hand the account to you, so you own your assets. That’s No Bull site.

Click here for more about owning your digital assets

A clear project plan

Will your site be ready by the time you need it? I’ll work backwards with you and create a clear project plan, to meet your needs. The plan will clearly show all the steps (and deadlines) to create your site on time. It will show what I need to do and what you need to do (sorry, you do have some things to do). You can then view it any time, day or night, to know things are on schedule.

If you brought a book on Amazon for a tenner you’d expect to see where the book is, right down to when the delivery van is two stops away on your road. Why would you not expect that with a much bigger and more complex purchase?

No Bull means you know what’s going on.

Mobile and desktop

You need your website to look good on a mobile phone and a desktop, as many of your clients view websites on mobile phone. Your No Bull site will all work well on a mobile phone and desktop.

At each stage of the process I’ll check it works properly on a mobile and will get you to check this too. It needs to look as good (if not better) on a mobile phone.

Google search console set up

Google search console is a free tool from Google. It shows you what Google thinks of your site and if there are things Google doesn’t like about it. I’ll set it up, submit the pages and check there are no things Google doesn’t like. You’ll then be able to use this tool in the future as it gives you ongoing information, if you’re ready to use it (or it will just store the information for when you are).

How much for my website?

For a standard site, as defined on this page the price is £450. There is no VAT payable.

In addition you’ll need to pay:

  • The hosting cost (about £40 in the first year).
  • The domain name cost (about £12 in the first year).
  • The cost for any extras.

Why you pay extra for these and others include them? 

  1. Others charge you
  2. It’s my strong belief that you should control these assets, not me

Terms and Conditions:

  • A non refundable payment of 50% before building your site starts.
  • The final invoice is due within 7 days of you agreeing the site is complete.
  • Once you agree the site is complete, any changes may be subject to additional costs.
  • Site ownership and full access to the site is not given to you until the invoice are paid in full.
  • Any amounts outstanding attract interest each month at 10% over base rate.
  • If site isn’t complete within a month of the original date, and I’ve completed all my actions, you will be invoiced the full price.


You may want some extra items in your website. Here’s a the more common extras, and prices, so you can budget for them now. That’s No Bull site.

An extra standard page.

You many already know that you want more pages than the list above. If you want an extra standard page (that’s mainly text as defined above, on the standard layout) it will cost you £5 more (or I can show you how to do it and you can add it yourself once we’re done).

An extra feature page

Feature pages are great ways to get your web visitors to focus on particular elements of your offer, so you may want more feature pages. If you want an extra feature page (as defined above) it will cost you £50 more.

You want a logo?

Your new website might be using all of your existing brand guidelines, or you may want an entirely new look and feel for your company (including the website). I don’t create logos, but work with a branding specialist who can do this for you. They will be able to offer you a discount from their normal package, as you’re one of my clients. 

Using your domain name

You may already have your domain name registered in an account of your own. As different domain name registrars have different processes and can be more complex I may need to charge you an extra £20 to set things up on your existing account. I can confirm this when we first talk. If you use 123 Reg (the provider I recommend) or you use the same company for your hosting and domain name, there is no additional charge for the domain name set up.

Ongoing maintenance

Once we’ve created it your website is a living entity. There are ongoing software updates and other maintenance functions that you can do, or you can ask me to do for you. The cost of a year’s maintenance plan is £250, speak to me about what it includes and how much time this could save you.

An extra highlight page

Highlight pages are great at selling particular parts of your offer and you may want more highlight pages. If you want an extra highlight page (as defined above) it will cost you £50 more.

Mobile and desktop

The standard website I build will all work well on a mobile phone, this is important as many of your client’s will use mobiles not desktops. You might want the mobile version to do different things to the desktop version.

If that’s the case, let’s discuss your requirements, I’ll price them for you and include them in the project.


In the standard package you provide the text for your website. I will give it a quick check and let you know if there’s anything I suggest you change, but I’ll be using your text.

You may want some help writing the text for your website. Some options are:

  1. I’ll write the text for you, you check it says what you want, then I’ll put it onto the website. I’ll only do this for non technical pages and fairly straight forward offerings and the cost will be £50 an hour (payable on completion of the writing).
  2. I can recommend a copywriting specialist for you. They will write the text, agree it with you and I’ll put it into the website. You pay them direct.
  3. You could find your own copywriter who will work with you and supply the text to me once you’ve paid them.

Using your hosting.

You may already have a hosting package set up with a website host. It sounds odd, but different hosts work in different ways. So I may need to charge you an extra £30 to set things up on your host. I can confirm this when we first talk. If you use siteground (the host I recommend) or TSO Host, there is no additional charge for setting up your site on your existing hosting package.

Other amendments?

I’ve listed a few of the common extra requests, but maybe there’s something else you want done. If so, let’s talk about it. I’ll either give you a fixed price or will charge you a sensible hourly rate for the extras.

Time to get started?

Let’s arrange a zoom call (or a phone call) so we can talk about getting started and how soon your new website will be designed for you.